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Car Driving Simulator

Car driving simulators offer a variety of features, allowing you to race or drive cars of all kinds.


The VS500M Car Driving Simulator by Virage Simulation has been designed to provide a realistic driving experience. Using real car parts and controls, the simulator provides accurate force feedback and realistic acceleration cues. This enables drivers to improve their performance in a safe and efficient manner.


You can also choose to play missions that test your skills in specific situations. From street racing to Daimler-Benz and University of Iowa 16 NADS, you’ll find that the list of car choices is endless.

car driving

A car driving simulator is a computerized device used to train novice drivers. It is commonly operated by universities and colleges. In addition to training students, it is used by car manufacturers to study the behavior of drivers.


The VS500M’s fully immersive features and high-resolution video and graphics provide an ideal simulated driving experience. Additionally, the simulator provides a wide visual display and fully functional instrument cluster.

Several types

Several types of simulation scenarios are available. These include basic driver training and advanced training.


The scenarios are based on proven pedagogical principles. They cover various atmospheric conditions and traffic situations.


In addition to the training sessions, instructors can track their trainee’s progress with the use of the Driver TrackerTM.




The Daimler-Benz Car Driving Simulator is a computer-controlled tool that allows Mercedes engineers to study the driving behaviour of future cars. This technology allows them to develop new vehicle safety systems and test the ride and handling of the next generation of Mercedes vehicles. It is not intended to replace real tests, however.