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Virage Simulation

The system provides detailed performance reports. Instructors can also drill down filters to get a better understanding of the student's performance.

Driving simulator

The driving simulator uses a combination of hexapod and linear movements to recreate the motion of a real-world vehicle. This results in a more realistic impression of the driving process. A highly-realistic driving simulator is used to assess driver behavior in a variety of complex situations. It is also a cost-effective way to study car parameters.

recent years

In recent years, the company has increased its focus on digital prototyping as a means of developing new vehicle components.


Mercedes has long been a pioneer in the use of simulation technologies. These prototypes are then tested in various driving conditions.

For example

For example, Brake Assist, a braking aid for new Mercedes vehicles, recognizes the braking force of a driver and applies the brakes.


To create a highly realistic simulation, Mercedes engineers use a wide range of geometric data.


Specifically, they use a template database that includes kinematic and compliance tests for a number of load cases on axle level.


They also perform open loop maneuvers and tests in closed loop configurations. Simulation is also important for conditionally automated driving.



Street racing

Street racing is a type of auto racing that is illegal in most countries. It is associated with many crimes including terrorism, murder, and gambling. Street racing is usually held on public roads or large industrial complexes. These locations typically have little or no traffic. In fact, in the US, street racing can result in an impoundment of a car for up to 30 days.